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Important Documents You’ll Need

For many people, the grieving process is daunting, emotional, and overwhelming. We have provided some information below to help you get started in the right direction. Of course, if you have additional questions or need assistance navigating these documents, please reach out to us at (619) 677-2599. We are more than happy to help you.

Vital Information
The Death Certificate Worksheet is mandatory for every client as this is the information that we will file on the Death Certificate and additional paperwork.
Vital Information Sheet
Death Certificates
Death Certificates are used for all financial transactions. All of our packages include one certificate, and each additional certificate is $21.00. We can order as many as you need. Please click on the below link to tally how many death certificates you may need to handle your loved one’s affairs.
How Many Death Certificates?
General Price List
The goods and services listed on this document are all those we can provide our clients. You may choose only the items you desire. However, please note that any funeral arrangement you select will include our basic services and overhead charges.
Services & Price List

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